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…to a small independent studio on the countryside of Gotland.

Our idea is that we shall help you collect your musical ideas in a qualitative manner, with reasonable pricing. We hope to do that in an environment that feels so good that you don't want to leave.


Thomas and Malin Mavian


A whole floor

There is plenty of room to record a whole band, live!* If you rather take a step at a time starting with drums and bass and adding guitar and vocals later that's also fine. You're the boss.

Image of Studio One and it's individual cue mix functionality.

Singer-/songwriter? Our big room works with close intimate vocals as well as a bigger roomy “live” sound.

Floorplan of the studio.

A choir in search of a recording place? We have room for approx. 10–14 singers*.


Big and small

Our control room is nothing but “soothing”, works great for creative writing as well as final production.

Panorama over the control room.

Regardless if you want help with the final “sprinkle” on your production or if you want to start at the first unwritten chord we can help you out.

Image of Aston Origin, a large condenser microphone from Aston Microphones.

Pop, rock, orchestral, film, wind arrangements, string arrangements and electronic productions have all been done here. With good results (if we may say so ourselves!).


Get it done

Have you recorded yourself and want some help with mixing? No problem! Working remotely have been a natural way of working for Thomas the last 20 years or so.

Image of Thomas Mavian, studio owner.

Just tell us some guidelines of what you want with the song and we'll work together from there.


For streaming, CD or both?

Yes, we can help you with mastering as well. For bigger projects we'll gladly forward you to one of our collaborators.

Image of a Denon CD-player.

Record label


We also run a record label, a nice one called Shadowglow Music », we'll be glad to publish your songs.

* The current situation with Corona and restrictions of any kind makes it impossible for us to accept more that 4 people in the studio at one time. We are closely following the matter and we follow the regulations set forth by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. We offer attendants private towels, hand sanitizer and plenty of space.


| saʊnd |

noun [mass noun]

vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear: light travels faster than sound.

music, speech, and sound effects when recorded and used to accompany a film, video, or broadcast: [as modifier] : a sound studio.

From the Oxford Dictionary of English


| bɔːn |

past participle of bear

adjective [in combination], från bear

carried or transported by the thing specified: waterborne bacteria

EXAMPLE: give birth to (a child): she bore sixteen daughters | [with two objects]: his wife had borne him a son.

From the Oxford Dictionary of English


| ˈstjuːdɪəʊ |

noun (plural studios)

a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works: mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings.
a place where cinema films are made or produced.
a place where musical or sound recordings are made: the Department of Music has a professional recording studio.

From the Oxford Dictionary of English


Vegan and gluten free?

When you book full days we can also offer homecooked meals, if you like.

Image of a cutting board with minced onion, chili pepper, lime and a knife.


Peace and quiet

When booking several days in a row we can offer you accomodation for up to 3 people.

Image of a full moon behind a tree.

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